21 November, 2010

Unspoken Water -- new market

"An old Scottish custom, unspoken water was a charm against the Evil Eye and used for healing the sick. It was obtained by collecting running water from under a bridge that the living had crossed and the dead had been carried over. Whatever was used to collect the water should not touch the ground. It was then carried in silence at dawn or at twilight and brought to the house of the sick or bewitched person who was given three sips of "silvered water" from a wooden ladle which had a silver coin placed at the bottom. The rest of the water was sprinkled around the person or poured into a corner stone of the house or behind the fire-flag. If the stone split, then the illness or curse would be fatal, and they could not be cured or saved.

Now, Unspoken Water is looking for poetry and short fiction of the strange, the weird, and the uncanny. We are a market for the supernatural, not fantasy or science fiction. The first few issues will be chapbook size with the intention to grow to perfect-bound copies. Publication will be twice yearly, and occasionally some issues might be devoted to a particular theme, for which submissions will be sought." Details here.

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