14 October, 2010

Liminality: Tales From the Borders of Speculative Fiction

The Library of Science Fiction & Fantasy presents: Liminality: Tales From the Borders of Speculative Fiction

 "Liminality is the state between states; it’s what you experience when you’re no longer what you were, but haven’t quite become what you’re going to be.
I’m looking for speculative fiction stories that are in the liminal state -- specifically, stories that are in-between genres. There are no other limitations on content, except that there must be a speculative element. What (and how many) genres you choose to muddle and how you choose to blur the lines are completely up to you (although this is under the Library’s SF&F imprint, horror and all the other genres are equally welcome). Play with the concepts of liminality and transition and find ways to use them that will surprise me. The harder you make it for me to pin you to one genre, the better -- but above all, tell a great story in the manner it must be told."

For full submission details go here.

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